About Us

About Mimoun Oaissa

Mimoun Oaissa is a storyteller, actor and filmmaker. As an actor, he is known for, among other things, The Great Improvisation Show, The Devil’s Double and The Marathon. Parallel to his film career, he researches language, communication and persuasion.

Mimoun’s unique combination of talents and expertise makes him an ideal speaker and trainer. He draws on the enormous amount of techniques and insights he has collected over the past 25 years, both during his film courses in Amsterdam, London and New York, as well as during his practical experiences. Whether it was writing film scripts, improvising in the theatre or as a guest on many live TV shows.

Mimoun is able to quickly determine where the greatest gains can be made for each participant and, together with the participant, to realise those gains immediately. Because his style as a trainer is very respectful yet also straightforward and honest, participants often make spectacular leaps in their development. The emphasis is on action, the work methods are energetic and the material contains a lot of humour, which makes Mimoun’s trainings and seminars a very educational as well as a fun and inspiring experience.


“In Mimoun’s training, you double the impact of your story on your audience and make it real.”

Roland Wijnen

Business Model Inc.

“Mimoun gave a leadership seminar to 250 executives. From the very start, there was a ‘click’ between Mimoun and the auditorium. Apparently, he effortlessly managed to get the attendees excited with his story. And with results. Or as one of the enthusiastic participants said afterwards: ‘This really helps!'”

Hedwig Roeling

Nijmeegs Universiteitsfonds

“Mimoun provides a lot of knowledge, practical tips and skills in its training courses, which you can immediately apply yourself. I have become fascinated by the possibilities and importance of storytelling. It has already led to many concrete results for me.”

Victoria van Krieken

Director, Liberation Route Europe

About Katrien van Beurden

Katrien van Beurden is an actress, director and trainer. She specialises in storytelling, non- verbal communication and communication styles. She has been giving workshops and lectures at companies, universities and acting schools for over fifteen years. She has given corporate training courses at the Ministry of Security and Justice, Van Doorne Advocaten, Nuon and KPN in the United States, among others, at Boston University and Harvard. She is currently a permanent lecturer at New York University.

Thanks to her very profound insight and experience with physical theatre, she has already had many people in the business world make major leaps in their persuasiveness and appearance with seemingly minor adjustments. Katrien can reveal deeper layers of communication like no other, allowing participants to look at the situation and their own communication in a totally new way.

“Katrien is one of the most innovative, insightful, and consistently effective trainers I have ever witnessed. Every person she works with has a breakthrough, in an astonishingly short time. I marvel at her unique research and methods of instruction, at her gift for seeing into everyone.”

Scott Ripley,

Uconn University, New York USA

“Van Beurden has a great talent for using a positive and clear approach to make you aware of how you communicate, without having to reprogram yourself.”

Berlage Saxophone Quartet

“With humor and a very sharp analytical eye, Katrien van Beurden shows you how different roles work.”

Hugo Keuzenkamp,

Director, Ziekenhuis Hoorn

What makes us different?

1. Training by experts by experience

We only teach you things that we control ourselves. You won’t get tips about your sales pitch from someone who has never pitched something for a lot of money himself. You don’t get tips about media appearances from someone who has never been a guest on a live TV show. You don’t get tips on how to deal with the nerves from someone who has never spoken in front of a thousand people for an important presentation or pitch. Our training not only draws on the countless books and research we do; we also teach you what we have experienced ourselves.

2. Surgical precision

Some trainers like to provide feedback on a more global and abstract level.
Other trainers focus more on concrete techniques and details. We follow the second line. In fact, we are extreme in the precision we provide feedback with. Success can only be repeated when the participants understand intricately what works well and why.

3. Humour and fun

Of course, there are exceptions, but most training sessions are pretty boring. We think it’s important that a training shouldn’t attach great importance to the fact that a training contains not only great insights and lessons but also a lot of humour and fun. Of course, because it is much more enjoyable for the participants and ourselves but also because it deepens the involvement in the training and the learning process enormously.