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A large part of your work consists of communication in the form of conversations, meetings and gatherings. Maybe you want to increase your authority and leadership status, maybe you want to learn to deal with the annoying behaviours of others, maybe you want to read other people’s signals better. Whatever the case, you want to become very good at it once and for all.



A new world will open up for you in this training. We start where other trainings end, and you learn to see crucial signals in others and in yourself, ones you have never noticed before. These signals can reveal uncertainty, or bad intentions or a win-win attitude. By doing exercises, you will learn to control your own communication with surgical precision in such a way that you can radiate authority at all times. You will learn techniques that will make it much easier for customers, colleagues or other stakeholders to get involved. You also learn not only to hear the words of your interlocutors but also to pick up on the deeper meaning, the things that are not said but are meant.

After this training, your insight into social interactions is drastically deepened. Even participants who have followed many communication trainings were astonished at how much these advanced techniques and insights benefitted them.

Who are the open training sessions for?

The open training courses are mainly attended by professionals for whom excellent communication skills are crucial, people who want to deepen their insight in this matter and take the step from knowing to being able.

What can you expect?

Mimoun offers you 2 full days of intensive training in a group of a maximum of 10 participants in order to master the techniques and make them your own. A few weeks before the training starts, you will have a personal, 45-minute intake by phone. During this interview, you will discuss with Mimoun where you can gain the most. Next, you will follow a 3-hour e-learning session in which you will get to know a number of in-depth models. During the 2 training days, you will work intensively with these models. In a relaxed and, at the same time, focused atmosphere, you will do group exercises, but you will also get individual, personal attention and feedback. You will get advice and help on how to implement the techniques in your daily practice.

Online en op locatie

Alle lezingen zijn zowel op locatie beschikbaar als online in de vorm van een webinar.


Vanaf €2K

Engels en Nederlands

Alle lezingen en webinars zijn zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels beschikbaar.

Your return on education:


You have a much deeper and more fundamental understanding of communication and body language.


You have a better understanding of your own strengths and how to use them.


You can read other people's behaviour much better and faster.


In 1-on-1 conversations as well as in groups, you radiate more authority.


You're much better at subtly directing conversations.


You can read the relationships between interlocutors much better.


You can prevent yourself from falling victim to other people's manipulative tricks.


You're more persuasive.


You feel more confident in important presentations and conversations.


You can deal much better with dominant people.

Presentations for people who hate presenting

Just the thought of presenting or speaking in front of a group might give you the chills. You have sleepless nights days in advance. You prefer to avoid situations in which you have to speak in public. In short: you hate pitching and presenting with a passion.


In this training, we will work with techniques that top speakers and actors use to ensure they are relaxed in important speeches, performances and auditions. In fact, you will learn how to turn your stress and nerves into your greatest strength. You might even start to like pitching and presenting. That your motto will change after the training sessions: “Is there anything left to present?”

You don’t have to speak in front of the group in this training unless you are ready to do so yourself.

Your return on education:


  • You get a fundamental insight into where stress comes from.
  • You see a lot more people are struggling with the same things that you are.
  • You master specific techniques to drastically reduce stress or even make it disappear.
  • You learn how to mask your nervousness better.
  • You learn to use your stress and nerves as power.
  • Increase the joy and energy of speaking in public.
  • Build your charisma and persuasiveness as a speaker.

 good to great

Pitching and Storytelling

Let’s face it, most of the stories others tell us sail completely past us. How often does it happen that you are truly touched by what someone says during a meeting, a presentation or a pitch?


Presenteren en pitchen gaat je op zich prima af, maar je wil er graag echt goed in worden. Je wilt van good naar great. Je kijkt met bewondering naar sprekers die een verhaal of pitch zo kunnen brengen dat het publiek aan hun lippen hangt. Mensen die ongeacht wát ze vertellen, hun verhaal altijd enthousiasme, authenticiteit en urgentie mee kunnen geven. Kortom: Sprekers die je raken.

Als je denkt dat het nauwelijks aan te leren is en het gewoon een talent is waar je mee geboren moet zijn, zet je dan maar schrap. In deze training leer je in sneltreinvaart geavanceerde technieken die topsprekers over de hele wereld gebruiken. Technieken waarmee zij hun verhaal of pitch elk moment spanning en urgentie mee kunnen geven. . Je leert hoe je jouw lichaamstaal en taal kunt gebruiken om jouw verhalen veel krachtiger over te laten komen en echt tot leven te wekken. Je krijgt een veel dieper inzicht in hoe effectieve communicatie en storytelling werken en gaat aan de slag om je die zaken eigen te maken. In deze training geen verhalen over ‘aura’s’, denkbeeldige cirkels en andere vage zaken, maar praktische en concrete technieken die jou als spreker direct veel boeiender en overtuigender maken. De groei die deelnemers in deze training doormaken is vaak spectaculair.

Your return on education:


  • You know how to convey the essence of your story in a much more compact but also impactful way.
  • You can use your body language to make your stories much more convincing and engaging.
  • You know how to make your story so you really take your audience with you.
  • You can adapt your story to different kinds of audiences.
  • You learn how to interact with the audience where necessary.
  • You can make your stories much more personal in a professional way.
  • You have the tools and insights to keep growing, even after the training.
  • You know how to improvise better and more effectively in your pitches.


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